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Lost In Time 3.3.5a Fun RP Blizz Like Leveling (Needs ...


  This site/server is inactive.
Lost In Time 3.3.5a Fun RP Blizz Like Leveling (Needs Devs)
Combine Update
User7807 5 years ago

Updates Are Still Daily.

Lost In Time 3.3.5a Fun RP Blizz Like Leveling (Double XP). Players coming online Daily! - Custom RP Vendors Items! Scripted Instances Raids! - Custom NPCs! - Teleporters! - Goldshire Spawn For All Factions! - Alliance And Horde Combined - Commands + SO MUCH MORE CONTENT - Dungeon And Raid Finder Are Fully Working. Along With Random BG. (We Are Still New)

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Download the client

Download and install client version 3.3.5a
Find download link on server website

Set realmlist

Go to your World of Warcraft installation folder and edit the contents of file to:

set realmlist

Start Playing!

To prevent problems, don't forget to delete cache in World of Warcraft Installation folder.
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Guest2474 5 years ago

No domain, just ip. 1 star

Guest7964 5 years ago

:D Cheers Love how we start in goldshire.
All of elwyn forest is friendly to both factions including stormwind!

Guest7975 5 years ago

I think I will play here often. 4/5 until updates.

Guest7110 5 years ago

5/5 Cant wait for the updates today!

Guest3057 5 years ago

Awesome!! :D

Guest5913 5 years ago

Agree with the others! even though the server is new it is pretty cool. 5/5

Guest7628 5 years ago

What a great server! even though its new its really good.

User7807 5 years ago