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We will add new amazing features on the website, promotions and ways to earn Credits. These will be our main currency and may be used to purchase various items or services from our web shop. Rewards will be given for promoting YouTube Videos with our server name/URL, recommending the server to your friends and more. The details will be published once we have everything ready.

Apply for GM
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We are a fresh new server with great potential, experienced development and management. You have a good oportunity to become part of our Team, Apply here. Login on forums and post your application including your character name, age, experience as GM and your location. You may apply for the following positions: Forum Moderator, Discord Moderator, (GM) Game Master, Assistant GM, Helper, Promoter.

WoWBeez is back! Yes, you are in the right place with Beez, Tudi and the old gang!

The server was released on 13 Feb 2018 as a serious, long term project running on a dedicated server which is online 24/7, has a high performance and a DDoS protection. Our development team has over 10 years of experience in WoW emulators and server management. We know how to maintain a healthy community and how to achieve perfect stability. Check out our new, unique game concepts and features that will blow your mind!

Unique content:

Quick tips in-game: join /global for general chat. Use .commands for all available commands for players, you may use .home .loot .world and many more. Once you log into the game you have to select a game mode to play, talk with the Taxi: Normal Free S5/T7, instant level and you get access to all game features and to all profession regent vendors. IronMan Free S6, start at level 1, you may not join guilds, and you are unable to trade and to use the auction house and you are not allowed to use any of the regent vendors in the mall. If you die you will lose half of your ingame gold - be careful! Your courage will be rewarded with a higher credits gain from highscores than normal characters and you will receive better starter gear once you reach level 80. IronMan characters are ranked in a separate highscore. HardCore This mode has the same limitations as the IronMan mode but its Solo mode, you also may not Group. However, if you die you will never be able to resurrect that character except if you die in PvP, BGs or Arena 1 vs 1. The goal is to progress as far as you can to get a spot in the highscore rankings. HardCore characters are ranked in a separate highscore. You may opt to transform your character in to Ironman after you die but you lose all highscores. Discord Chat Bot Stay in touch with whats happening ingame even if you arent at your PC. Our chat bot will broadcast messages sent ingame to Discord and vice versa. Use /join global or .w Message for general chat.

Arena 1vs1 Arena Master can be found in Skilling Zone, Guru Arena, Dalaran or capital cities, you may join queue for Unrated / Rated fight. Hardcore players can join this also.

Game Events Dont miss out on these automated bonuses such as increased damage, increased healing, more item drops or or world boss spawns. These events happen on specific times, setup so both EU and US players may profit from them. Events are announced by the system, but if you are curious you can use the following commands to get more info ingame: .events displays all events which are currently in progress .events next displays all events which will start soon.

Personal instances alias .home command. This system allows you to create a personal chill spot - your own home! You may use a limited amount of GM commands to spawn objects and creatures - currently limited to 50 objects and 10 creatures. You can use this system to create your own staircase event, create your guilds headquarter or just make a home for yourself - the only limitation is your own imagination. [Insert Link here] You may also talk to the NPC assistant to start the Endurance Mode, in which you have to defeat a simple but infinitely scaling NPC which is a good way to acquire some starting gold. Endurance mode is also ranked on the highscores!

Custom Highscores Fair highscores which offer a protection against exploits and farming for the best duelists, PvP kills, arena teams, questers, achievement hunter, damage dealers, healers and more. All highscores reset on the first day of each month and the highest scoring players are rewarded with free credits to use in the web shop.

Quests Achievements Once you complete 100 of any please visit the Rewards for Quests Achievements page to claim as Credits.

Zombie Apocalypse All NPCs in major cities transform into zombies when theyre killed and attack their own city - use this to your advantage when doing city raids!

Transmog Change the appearance of your items with a simple Transmog ingame command. Any item you acquire ingame will be available for Transmog on your entire account! Additionally you can buy almost every transmog item from our Web Shop for a fair price.

Morph (Currently in testing state) Change the appearance of your character with a simple command.

More features are now in development:

Hunger Games Quick and super fun battles, 5 or 10 players start spawned in different spots, naked in arena, every man for him self and only limited weapons in random loot chests you need to reach! Last man standing wins the match.

Many new, amazing features will be available shortly. Join a young but steadily growing community, lead by a dedicated and professional staff team! Visit our forum for more details regarding upcoming features, dont be shy to ask questions if you have any and certainly dont feel afraid to suggest any ideas you may have to improve the server!

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Download the client

Download and install client version 3.3.5a
Find download link on server website

Set realmlist

Go to your World of Warcraft installation folder and edit the contents of file to:

set realmlist

Start Playing!

To prevent problems, don't forget to delete cache in World of Warcraft Installation folder.
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