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710 RPHeaven All-GM/RP realm WoD


710 RPHeaven All-GM/RP realm WoD
A lot of updates on NPC Scripts
User 4 years ago

Many target types and actions were added to NPC Scripts as of recently, make sure to check them out.

Faster website
User 6 years ago

Website forum has been moved to separate host, as a result you will feel much faster page loading everywhere across the domain

LEGION is here!
User 6 years ago

Download our new RPHTinyLegion at and connect within seconds! All players that couldnt previously connect while we were on WoD now may connect again! For more info read the forum!

Roleplay Heaven is a 7.1.0 Legion ALL GM server as well as wow RP server that supports world building and role-play. We are the largest server private server of this kind since we allow custom NPC/Item creation as well as Gameobject spawning through GM commands. Join us today to build your own role-play experience and world for free!

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